12" vinyl records

The standard format for full length albums and EP's, available in high quality 140 or 180 gram pressings.

10" vinyl records

The most unique format, designed to give collectors something a little different.

7" vinyl records

Made for singles and short EP's, the 7" is a cost effective way of introducing your music to the world.

vinyl options

Vinyl options

coloured vinyl

colour | Splatter | Split Colour Vinyl

Our vinyl is available in 34 vibrant colours. Lay down a base and splatter second and third colours over it for a vivid effect, or split your record into two or three colours as another specialty option.

picture disc


If you're planning a special release, turn your record into a visual work of art with our colourful picture disc options.

shaped vinyl

shaped vinyl

Standard and custom shapes are available as black, colour or picture disc vinyl records. Playing time may be limited based on your selected shape, so please contact your Precision rep for more info.

etched vinyl

etched Vinyl

Perfect for a one-sided recording, we can etch monochromatic artwork onto the blank side for a striking visual effect.

silk screened vinyl

silk screened vinyl

Another artistic option is having full colour silk screened artwork printed onto the blank vinyl surface.

jacket options

record jacket options

Aside from the warmth of sound, we love vinyl records because of their ability to transform an album into a physical piece of art, one of the best ways to get that feeling across is through your packaging.

standard jacket

standard 10" & 12" Jackets

Print rich full colour or simple and effective black and white artwork onto our thick 20 point board jackets. 24 point and old-style "tip-on" upgrades are also available.

gatefold jacket

gatefold 7", 10" & 12" Jackets

For double albums or deluxe packaging of a single LP, the gatefold jacket provides a lot of surface area for artwork, and stands out in a collection.

elongated spine

elongated spine jacket

An alternative to the gatefold, our elongated spine jacket is constructed to house two 12" records comfortably.

glue-pocket jacket

glue-pocket 7" jacket

The glue-pocket is a tabbed record jacket (like a standard 12" record jacket), and is the most popular format for 7" packaging.

foldover jacket

fold-over 7" jacket

A stylish alternative to the glue-pocket, the fold-over is a V-shaped jacket scored in the middle, which is where the record sits when placed in a poly bag. Both single and double sided printing is available.

foil jacket


Create dynamic printed pieces with these packaging frills, all custom made based on your design specs.

inserts | posters | inner sleeves

Inserts, Posters
And Inner Sleeves

If you're brimming with ideas, a record jacket alone won't cut it. Here are a few add-ons that will really increase the value of your package.

An inner sleeve is the paper your vinyl is inserted into before being placed in a record jacket. Traditionally these are blank white or black with a die cut hole, but you can also upgrade to a printed one. These printed inner sleeves can be black and white or full colour and come with an optional die cut centre hole (no extra cost).

Inserts come in various sizes like 7x7, 7x14, 12x12 and 12x24 to name a few. A more expansive option would be to print a folded 8 or 12 page poster, which may stay with the album or become a wall piece for the fan.

download cards | stickers

download cards

In this day and age, it's important to provide fans with a digital listening experience along with an analog one. Allow the record buyer to instantly download the music contained on your record, or even add exclusive bonus material or remixes not found on the album.


Advertise your album as being thick high quality 180 gram, that the package contains a free download card, or show off the vinyl as being an exclusive colour with our array of sticker printing options.

CD | DVD production

cd|dvd Production


CDs & DVDs are replicated glass mastered discs, which start at 300 units. For lower runs of 50-250, high quality duplicated CD-Rs & DVD-Rs are also available.


These jackets, made from 100% recycled cardstock, can be printed on the coated or uncoated side to compliment the feel of your artwork.


Digipaks are a classic and highly aesthetic alternative to traditional jewel box print. Printed on sturdy 15 pt. cardboard with a plastic tray inside affixing the CD to the package, digipaks are an all-over appealing option for bands looking to have their CD stand out.


Often used for promo and small run CDs, card sleeve packaging is an attractive and cost-effective format.


Jewel boxes have been the most traditional and highly recognized CD packaging for decades. Perfect for a classic look.

more options

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also available

  • Box set packaging
  • Obi strips
  • High gloss and matte finishes
  • Custom stock options
  • Tri-fold and four-pocket jackets
  • Heavyweight 7" records
  • And much more!

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