Ever wonder how a record is made? Here is a step by step guide of how the pressing process works.

cutting iconcutting

This is the process in which grooves are etched into a copper disc by a diamond cutting stylus, using a technological advancement in cutting called DMM (Direct Metal Mastering).


plating iconelectroplating

As mentioned above, a set of copper originals (side A and B) will have grooves etched into them during the cutting stage. However, we'll need these metal plates to have ridges instead of grooves, so that the information can be pressed into the soft compound material in order to make the impression. This brings us to the second stage of record production called "electroplating".

test pressing

test icontest pressing

After your copper originals have been cut and your stampers have been produced, five test pressings are manufactured for review. The clock stops here while we await your approval to proceed with production.

record pressing

pressing iconvinyl manufacturing

Once your stampers are made and tests are approved, we're ready to proceed to the main event.

printing & packaging

packaging iconprinting & packaging

The printing process occurs simultaneously with several of the above steps. In order to maintain our fast turnaround schedule, all components are done well in advance of the records finishing up on press.

final product

product iconproduct and delivery

After packaging is completed, your project is ready to go! Your Precision rep will contact you for pick up or shipping arrangements, and you'll receive your newly pressed vinyl records in no time.

The next stage in the process is up to you! Since our turnaround times are an industry best 8-10 weeks, you'll have your records in plenty of time to work on release shows, tours, press and whatever other exciting plans are waiting around the corner.

With Precision Record Pressing as your one-stop vinyl shop, your music gets out to the world better and faster than ever before.

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